The Foundation for Korean Students in Japan will guarantee a right to education of Korean students in Japan who suffer from financial difficulties and are prevented from the application of any scholarship system due to lack of the status as a student who attend schools recognized under School Education Act.

This foundation grants scholarships to Korean students who devote themselves to their study and activities of international exchanges even in a financially difficult condition. Korean high school, graduate, and post graduate students with outstanding academic results are eligible.

※ “Korean students in Japan” refer to the people who are originally from the Korean Peninsula, and reside permanently in Japan irrespective of their nationalities.

The Graduate School of Education, Yokohama National University

Thanks to the scholarship from this foundation, I could concentrate on my study on Korean education in Japan at the Graduate School of Education, Yokohama National University. Selecting “Korean language” education as my study subject from the perspective of globalization and education for immigrants, I will make every effort to proceed with my research. I would like to contribute myself to the development of acquisition of the right to learn at Korean school in Japan.